Mortgages for every kind of house buyer

Your Complete Mortgages has access to a wide range of mortgages available from over 70 lenders so are able to give qualified, comprehensive advice on products from across the mortgage market. As a Your Complete client, you may also have access to exclusive mortgage products.

Whether you are a first time buyer looking to get on the property ladder, a home mover looking to buy your ‘forever home’, or an investor looking to add to your portfolio, Your Complete would love to help you.

First time buyers

Being a first-time buyer can be extremely exciting, and extremely daunting in equal measure. The team at Your Complete Mortgage know this and are here to help. Our aim is to help you navigate through the whole process, cutting through the jargon and red tape to be on your side. Let us help you figure out how much you can borrow, talk you through the home buying process, and once we’ve helped you to buy your first home we will also help you to protect it.

Moving home

Whether you need more space and are looking for a bigger home or have decided to downsize, at Your Complete Mortgage we understand circumstances change. Whatever your reason for wanting to move, get in touch today and let Your Complete Mortgages take the stress away. We have a comprehensive range of mortgage lenders available, and we will search from thousands of mortgage deals to find the right one for you. Once we’ve found the right mortgage for you we will also review your protection arrangements to make sure you have the appropriate cover in place to keep you in your new home.


In simple terms, remortgaging involves moving your current mortgage to a new arrangement, either with your existing lender or with a new lender.

Whether you are looking at raising money for home improvements, consolidating your debts or simply looking for a better interest rate on your mortgage, we can help.

The main reasons for considering a remortgage are:

To save money
When you took out your current mortgage, there would have been features that made it competitive and attractive to you. It may be that your incentive period is coming to an end, or simply that the market has changed.

To avoid moving home
It can be more convenient and cost effective to enhance your existing property, rather than move home. This can be financed by remortgaging or a further advance.

To get a lump sum for a special cause
You may have education fees to fund. Or a childs wedding? Or perhaps now is the time to purchase that motor home you’ve always wanted? You could release some of the equity in your home to help towards this.

To consolidate debts
Remortgaging can allow you to release some of the value you hold in your home and consolidate other debts that can attract higher rates of interest than that of your mortgage (e.g. credit cards).

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. While debt consolidation often reduces a household total monthly debt repayments, making them more affordable, it will normally involve paying more interest over the term of the mortgage

Buy to let

There have been a lot of changes in the Buy to Let market over recent years. Whether you’re an experienced investor or a first time landlord, we want to help. Many mortgage providers offer BTL mortgages, but terms, conditions and costs between them vary enormously. Some mortgage providers have minimum income or minimum age requirements for instance. Your Complete Mortgage will help you navigate this minefield and assist you all the way through to completion.

Not all Buy to Let mortgages are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


What you need to know

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow will vary depending on the lenders. Every lender is different and will have different rules and criteria. That’s why looking on comparison sites can be so confusing. Get in touch with Your Complete Mortgages so we can find out all about you and your situation and give you an accurate idea on what you are able to borrow. There is nothing worse than finding your dream home only to then find out you can’t raise the money to buy it!

How much deposit do I need?

As a rule, homebuyers will normally need a minimum of 10% of the purchase price of the home for a deposit. In uncertain times (within a pandemic for example!) lenders may start requiring more. The reality is, the more deposit you have, the better. The higher the deposit a buyer has, the lower the Loan to Value*. The lower the Loan to Value, the better chance of obtaining a lower interest rate. Do not forget that there will also be other costs involved in buying a property. Survey fees, legal fees, moving costs etc. Talk to Your Complete Mortgage about planning your costs and budget.

What does 'Loan to Value' mean?

The loan to value (LTV) is essentially the size of mortgage a lender is prepared to offer you in relation to the value of the property you are buying or re-mortgaging. It is expressed as a percentage. For example, if you are buying a £100,000 property with a £10,000 (10%) deposit, you will need a 90% LTV mortgage.

I have a poor credit rating. Can I still get a mortgage?

Yes. Although your options may be limited, it is often possible to get a mortgage with a poor credit history. So if you’re one of the many who have suffered from a blip (or three) on your credit file, the good news is, there are mortgage deals out there for all kinds of borrowers, not just those with a pristine credit report. Don’t worry, just get in touch with us and we will have a chat to see what we can do to help.