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At Your Complete Protection, we provide advice and protection tailored to you and your loved ones. Let us help you plan with foresight, rather than regret in hindsight.

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Life cover

Life insurance helps give your loved ones financial protection should you pass away within the policy term. It lets you leave a lump sum behind – helping your loved ones maintain their living standards or pay mortgage costs.

Critical illness cover

All of us have known someone in our lives who has suffered from a serious illness. Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you were diagnosed with a serious illness? Your situation could change very suddenly.

It’s hard to know what the financial impact of all this would be for you and the people who depend on you. Critical illness cover provides a financial cushion should you suffer a serious illness, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

Income protection

Protecting your income means you won’t have to rely on inadequate state benefits or eat into your savings if you become too ill to work.

With Income Protection, we can help you ensure that if you suffer a loss of income through illness or accidental injury you will continue to receive a regular monthly income, until you either return to work, retire, or your policy ends.

Nobody should have to rely on Statutory Sick Pay or benefits in times of trouble and most of us would struggle financially if we had to. Get in touch today for a protection review.